Monthly Archives: November 2006

Summer with Monica

We spent a very enjoyable evening yesterday at Sandbach School where their Head of Music, John Barber, had organised an innovative programme of music with Andy Scott. The highlight of the evening for me was Andy’s interpretation of the Roger McGough poem Summer with Monica which featured Richard Ellis as the narrator, Andy playing tenor sax, Dave Hassall on percussion and a wonderful collection of images created and managed by Gary Abbott. This was a riveting 30 minutes of music, prose and art which held the whole audience captive with a wonderful blend of humour, poignancy, sadness, delight and, of course, admiration for the innvative musical improvisations provided by Andy and Dave. Do catch it if you can. There are a couple more dates in Andy’s diary, notably the 14th November at 1pm at the University of Salford and the 24th November at Liverpool University. Superb!

First meeting of the ECAB

Spent a good day in London today at the first meeting of the Editorial, Commissioning and Advisory Board for the TTRB (that’s the Teacher Training Resource Bank). Loads of excellent ideas got discussed and what is already a good resource for anyone involved in learning to teach or teaching the teachers should get even better :). Do visit the site, register and have a look all the various resources that are available for free. There is even an E-librarian who will answer your questions! If you have any suggestions for new content or links for the site do let me know.