Monthly Archives: April 2009

New ACT journal available online

The new issue 8/1 of Action, Criticism, and Theory for Music Education is now available online.

Featured articles in issue 8/1 include:

  • Human Needs Theory: Applications for Music Education by Vincent Bates
  • Rough Play: Music and Symbolic Violence in an Age of Perpetual War by Randall Allsup
  • What Music Isn’t and How to Teach It by Arnold Berleant
  • Curriculum Reform: Reclaiming Music as Social Praxis by Thomas Regelski
  • Music Education and Community: Reflections on Webs of Interaction in School Music by Hildegard Froehlich

A nice surprise …

At the end of the tax year here in the UK, it was nice to receive a royalty cheque for two books I have co-written with my colleague Martin Fautley. Both were for the same published and released around about the same time. Can someone explain to me why the book on assessment has sold eight times as many copies as the book for creativity? Same authors. Same publisher. Is it is a sad indictment on the current state of education in our country?