Another independent report showing Teach First as vastly expensive and ineffective

The IFS have published their report into the costs and benefits of different initial teacher training routes. If you are unfamiliar with this sector, you might have wondered how hard it could be to prepare someone for teaching (the answer is that it is harder than many imagine) and that universities might have a key […]

The NAO reveals the truth about the vast costs and minimal gains associated with Teach First

Thank goodness for the National Audit Office! Perhaps this is not something that you would normally expect to say, but the public body, whose vision is to help the nation spend wisely and help Parliament hold government to account through improving public services, has done sterling work today in publishing its report – Training New Teachers. […]

Teach First Retention Rates

Several folk were asking about retention rates for Teach First. There seems to be some confusion here. So, I’m going back to figures submitted to Teach First to the Education Select Committee for their ninth report into attracting, training and retaining the best teachers. You can download it from here. In the second volume, page […]

Another Teach First student speaks out

There was a lot of pompous and self-congratulatory tweeting yesterday about Teach First. Much of this was generated as a result of this article in the TES which failed to analyse in any meaningful way Wigdortz’s rhetoric and the output of the considerable spin-machine that is Teach First. Sadly, we can expect more of this […]

Another criticism of Teach First

My writings on this blog are often critical of Teach First. I have many concerns about their work and the ways in which it is financed. It is rare to hear criticism of Teach First from its students or those who work on its programmes, not because everyone is happy about it but primarily because […]

Is one grade difference in one subject worth the massive costs involved in propping up Teach First with public money?

It is difficult to know where to start with the research published today by Rebecca Allen at the IOE (and reported by the BBC here). Her paper is interesting and informative, and clearly she has identified what she sees as a benefit of this approach (albeit based on the work of a MA student who […]

Have you just started your Teach First programme? It’s time to quit

Teach First has just begun its new programme with their Summer Institute. Judging by the busy twitter feeds, students are throwing themselves into the programme. But this letter written by Katie Osgood, aimed at those students who have just started out with Teach for America, is sobering reading and can be applied equally to those students […]