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In Praise of Music Teachers: Chatting with the good folk from the GMMH

It was lovely to be asked to give a short presentation at the Greater Manchester Music Hub annual get together at our Faculty of Education campus today. I was asked to give a talk on assessment, which I duly did, albeit following in the shadow of my good friend and colleague Martin Fautley who did the same last year!

The text of my presentation can be downloaded here for those of you that are interested. In it, I speak about one of the formative influences in my musical life (one of my music teachers – Miss Parry), the attributes of assessing music musically, and introduce a couple of metaphors to help us think about the whole process of teaching music from the inside out.

Some personal reflections on the recent Ofsted advice on assessment

I first met Martin Fautley at the University of Cambridge in the late 1990s. He was studying for a doctorate there; I was teaching at Stowmarket High School. We were both attending a seminar/study group on music teaching and research led by our colleague Pam Burnard. Martin’s doctorate was focusing on a process of assessment for music education. It was, and still is, a fascinating read. Continue reading