Here’s a different perspective on Teach First …

As I mentioned in my previous post, I regularly receive emails from students and tutors who work within the Teach First programmes. Most of them are too worried about speaking out in public  regarding what they see and experience. When I receive these emails, I ask these people whether or not they would be happy for me to quote them anonymously. Most say no.

Yesterday, I received an email from someone who has agreed to let me share part of their comments here. They state:

My experiences have led me to the conclusion that Teach First is superficial – caring only for its shiny image whilst using emotional jargon to arrogantly set them above other teacher training programmes. In reality they hardly touch the surface of the real issues in educational inequality.  

The only positive about their programme is that they offer graduates a salary. If they did not, then not one graduate would be interested in applying to them. Who would want to step into a struggling school, with no prior experience and be left responsible for education of young people who deserve so much more. 

Thank you for your article, its made it clear to me that I should train to become a teacher through a PGCE, where I may get some beneficial training and may one day become a teacher that can make a actual difference.  

I’d like to thank this young person for writing to me. If you have experiences of Teach First, as a student or tutor, then I’d love to hear from you. Please be assured that I will respect your privacy at all costs.


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