Key Stage 3 materials: A complete programme of work for music technology with Years 7 – 9

I’m pleased to make the following 9 units of work for Key Stage 3 music available to readers of my blog. These were written a couple of years ago for Roland UK and I’ve been asked by many teachers for copies – so here they are! You might want to read the following detailed descriptions prior to downloading the units. If you enjoy using them, please leave a comment here so that others can be encouraged.

Unit 1: An Introduction to Vocal Recording, Sampling, Looping and Effects: ‘Students will explore and learn the skills required to create music using new sampling, effects and looping technology’. 8.3MB

Unit 2: Vocalise: ‘Students will learn how to use their voices as musical instruments in conjunction with a range of performance and sound processing technologies’. 0.25MB

Unit 3: An Introduction to Film Music: ‘Students will apply the key principles learnt in Unit 1 to the production of a soundtrack for a piece of film’. 63.1MB

Unit 4: Music and Image: ‘The main focus of the Unit  is to explore the various ways in which music can be linked to the visual domain in a live performance setting’. 14.3MB

Unit 5: Music for Computer Games: ‘Students will explore the processes behind composing music for computer games’. 122.1MB

Unit 6: Creating a TV Programme: ‘Students will explore how music reinforces the visual content of a television program’. 6MB

Unit 7: New Performance Environments: ‘Students will consolidate and develop their knowledge and skills from previous units (in particular Unit 1 & Unit 4)’. 0.6MB

Unit 8: Dance Music and the Club Experience: ‘This unit  is an introduction to traditional Trance music parameters and their links to visual material that enhance an audience’s experience’. 252.3MB

Unit 9: Music and the Web-based Radio Station: ‘Students will create and manage a web-based radio station, developing a knowledge and understanding of audio imaging and identity’.  26.3MB


5 thoughts on “Key Stage 3 materials: A complete programme of work for music technology with Years 7 – 9

  1. Amy

    Hi Jonathan,
    Thanks for this – useful stuff! The TV Programme unit doesn’t seem to open, just to flag that up.
    I’m a PGCE student at BCU (Professor Fautley often mentions you) and have really enjoyed reading your blog.
    Kind regards,

  2. Nick Sharpe

    Hi Jonathan,
    Some great stuff here!
    Hey I can’t seem to find the Sound2game resource (the game itself), do you have a link for it? All my efforts seem to come up with ‘this website has expired’

    1. admin Post author

      Hi Nick,

      Sorry about this. We are in the process of moving website arounds and the old Sound2Game site has been taken down. A new one will be appearing at in the near future (probably January now). In the meantime, I’ve emailed you a link to download a copy of the software for your evaluation. If you like it, perhaps you could place an official order for it for your school? Thanks,


  3. Faye

    Hi Jonathan,

    I was hoping to look at your dance music scheme but seems to have been moved out of dropbox. Can you tell me if it is in another location?

    Kind regards


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