Unqualified Teachers! This is what happens under a Tory education system

norwich_primary_academyNorwich Primary Academy, part of the inappropriately named Inspiration Trust, is advertising for four unqualified teachers to start this September. The full advertisement text can be downloaded from here (these things have a habit of disappearing).

In his interview today on the World at One, Tristram Hunt attacked the Inspiration Trust for its potential recruitment of unqualified teachers. He cited an example from South Leeds Academy back in 2013 who advertised for two unqualified teachers of mathematics. Their advertisement was quickly withdrawn, along with the application pack, but both are still available on this blog here.

In my view, unqualified teachers have no role to play in state schools in England. Teachers should be appropriately qualified with a degree, a PGCE and QTS. Parents expect this and our children deserve to be taught by qualified professionals. I am 100% behind Labour’s position to put an end to the de-professionalisation of the teaching profession that this Government has initiated. It is yet another reason to vote for a Labour government next week.



One thought on “Unqualified Teachers! This is what happens under a Tory education system

  1. Teacher Educator

    I was at a recent Train to Teach event and I did wonder who in their right mind thinks they can walk into a primary school and be a successful teacher without having a training year beforehand. Despite having a wealth of teaching experience in the secondary sector, I realise that I know very little about teaching children to read, or to learn mathematics at primary level, or about most of the other curriculum subjects in primary school. My strong recommendation to people would be to consider the children!
    If governments are not satisfied with the outputs of schooling, it really isn’t clear to me how the situation will be improved by sending people into school simply to copy the people who are already there. We need mechanisms for improvement, which must include both practising teachers and universities.


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