‘New’ attainment target for music

You’ve got four weeks to comment on the ‘new’ subject level descriptors and attainment target. You can find all the necessary information here. Whilst not wanting to pre-judge anyone’s comments, I found it very hard to find anything but minor changes in the new level descriptions as compared to those that accompany the latest revision of the new National Curriculum in 2007  (which didn’t change them in any meaningful way from the previous version in 2000). Given all incessant debate about these levels and how they should be used or not used, it seems that we have missed a real opportunity here to change something that is the bane of many teachers’ lives. It is disappointing to say the least.

On a related matter, there is an interesting reference in the letter from the QCDA to Ed Balls about APP:


It seems that there is a move to shy away from dictating to schools the precise approach that they should conducting teacher asessment at Key Stage 3. It is all ‘as you are then’ to my mind. My response: what a wasted opportunity.


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