Please consider filling in this questionnaire …

I’ve had a request from one of our students who is now studying for a MA in Music Education. She would like responses from music teachers to help with her study into autism. She writes …

My research project concerns autism and music students at secondary school age. I am researching how teachers ensure their classroom is inclusive and allow for autistic students to engage, achieve and develop at secondary school age. My research includes secondary school music teachers, peri teachers and music teachers in special schools. 

The link to the questionnaire is here:

Your participation in this questionnaire would significantly help my research in this area.
I plan to incorporate quotations and information from the questionnaires I conduct in my dissertation. This material may be seen by staff of the Open University, but it will not be used for other purposes, or disseminated more widely, without obtaining your consent separately. 

As a participant, you have the right to refuse to answer any question, for any reason. You also have the right to remain anonymous. Further, at any time up to a week after you have completed this questionnaire, you have the right to ask me to destroy the questionnaire, which I will do, and not use the material in my dissertation or for any other purpose. 

I may wish to contact you and ask you to develop your answers or find out more information. If you are happy to do this, please leave your email address at the end of the questionnaire.



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