Please pause for a moment and consider what we have lost …

The publication of the new National Curriculum by the DfE a week or so ago has left the National Curriculum in England in a sorry state. Whilst some may celebrate its brevity, I can’t help feeling a sense of loss. Critics will argue that the National Curriculum is a stifling document, that works against creativity and undermines teacher autonomy. I would argue the exact opposite. When I’ve got more time on my hands I’ll write about why I think that the National Curriculum is important and why the current framework is a poor reflection of previous versions.

For now, I’m happy to make this document available. I wrote it around 2007 when the previous version of the National Curriculum was being published. It outlines the key changes that were afoot then. I challenge you to read it and not conclude that the current two sides of A4, written as they were by an anonymous civil servant in the DfE without specialist knowledge or expertise, are a backwards step.


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