Teach First guilty of misleading advertising

It was interesting to read about a recent adjudication by the Advertising Standards Authority that have found Teach First guilty of ‘misleading advertising’. You can read their full adjudication here. Specifically, Teach First were castigated for their use of the word ‘outstanding’ (which, as we all know – apart from Teach First it seems – […]

Learn to teach with Teach First and you are 5 times more likely to leave the profession after 5 years

This morning I’ve been tweeting extracts from this report, the DfE’s own analysis of the 2010 school workforce census. Whilst some might consider this excellent bed-time reading, it does contain some interesting evidence about key issues within the educational debate today, e.g. the academies programme and the differences between different routes of initial teacher education. […]

Will Teach First receive an additional £76m to manage their own programme from 2013? An what are the consequences for staff working within universities with Teach First contracts from 2013?

There are some significant changes afoot in the world of initial teacher education. Not least of these has been the rise of Teach First. Regular readers of this blog will know that I have many concerns about this organisation, not least the significant public monies that this ‘charity’ receives to go about its work. But […]

The failure of Teach First: the retention chart they didn’t want you to see

Three cheers for researchers from the University of Buckingham, who have produced an analytical report into the state of initial teacher education in 2012. Using data supplied by the DfE themselves, they have demonstrate the abject failure of Teach First, compared to other training routes, to educate teachers who enjoy a long career in teaching. […]

Is the crisis in initial teacher education and teacher recruitment beginning to hit the public consciousness?

It’s taken a while, but I was pleased to see at least one MP begin to question some of this Government’s policy in respect of initial teacher education and teacher recruitment this week. Louise Haigh, Labour MP for Sheffield Heeley, has written this article in the Yorkshire Post that explores some of the key issues […]

Nicky Morgan will propose and fund a new ‘College of Teaching’ today

Nicky Morgan will unveil plans today to create a new ‘College of Teaching’, similar to medical bodies such as the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Surgeons. The College, once established, will provide training programmes, conduct educational research and set professional standards for teachers. Morgan will announce that taxpayers’ money will be used […]

DfE announce an ‘independent’ review into initial teacher training

The DfE has launched what it [laughably] calls an independent review of initial teacher training courses within the UK. You can find full details here. I say laughably, as the review is being led by an Andrew Carter (and don’t forget his OBE), who is chair of the review. Carter’s qualifications for undertaking this role are […]