Teaching Music in the Primary School

Welcome to all students working with me this year on the PGCE and BA music classes. This page has all the links to the various sessions, resources and activities that we’ll be work through together. I’ve also included links to other websites and resources to help you get started teaching music in your various teaching placements. If you have any questions about the sessions, or your future work teaching music at your various placements, do not hesitate to get in touch. Also, why not consider following me on Twitter?

For 2015/16, PGCE Primary students will be working through the main content in Session 1 and 2 immediately below. However, you are welcome to use any of the other content found here in any way that you want!

All students will benefit from studying carefully the material produced by the Incorporated Society of Musicians for Early Years and Key Stages 1 & 2. You can download their written publication here and their wall chart here. This will help you with all issues associated with the assessment of children’s musical learning at these Key Stages.

Session 1

Jonathan’s notes (.doc)

Warmup backing track (.mp3)

Body Percussion (.zip)

Chocolate Heaven (.pdf)

Four Key Processes (.jpg)

Teach Music Here (.jpg)

Musical Elements (.pdf)

Session 2

Jonathan’s notes (.doc)

Rhythm grids (.doc)

Musical Codes (.doc)

Cinderella (.ppt)

Session 3

Jonathan’s notes (.doc)

Stressed Out (.doc)

Gamelan Resources


Year 2

All Session Notes (.pdf)

Songwriting Paper (.pdf)

Songwriting PPT

Hedgehog & Fox PPT


Year 3

Click here to download the teaching materials for your sessions.


Formal Curriculum Guidance and National Frameworks

Early Years: Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage (.pdf)

Years 1 – 6: Key Stages 1 & 2 Programme of Study for Music

Ofsted: Making More of Music (Primary)

DfE: The Importance of Music: A National Music Plan for Music Education


Helpful Music Resources

BBC resources

Music Express

Nancy Music.com

Sing Up

Sound Junction: All About Percussion

TES EYFS Resources

UCan Play Key Stage 2 Resources (free)

Wells Music Academy: Free primary music projects (registration required)


Some Useful Books

Here are some useful books that I can recommend for your further studies.


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