Sounds Active: A great new resource for sound engineering

More and more teachers are having to teach elements of sound engineering in their GCSE, BTec and A level courses. From my work with students doing initial teacher education, I know that this is often an area of their subject knowledge that needs strengthening. Last week, I had a meeting about this new piece of software – Sounds Active – which is a fantastic addition to the tools that teachers and students can use to learn about all aspects of the recording process.

Sounds Active is a comprehensive set of materials, together with many interactive components, that lead you logically through the recording process in five lessons. You learn how to record, process and mix recorded materials through the use of interactive tools culminating in a multi-tracked recording and learn about important principles and techniques of recording along the way.

Anyway, I would highly recommend it (and I’m not on a commission) so please request your demo disk (details on their website). I’ve also got a box of demo disks to give away. There are also two very helpful videos exploring Sound Active for you to view accessible from their home page.


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