Why Notion should be the first choice for music notation (and other) software for your school …

The commercial world of music notation software in the UK has been dominated by two giants: Finale and Sibelius. But times are changing. Finale has no interest in the education market in the UK; Sibelius, since being bought by the US firm Avid, have neglected the UK education market and I’m hearing numerous stories of unhappy teachers struggling with expensive site licences and little, if any, customer support.

But there is an alternative – Notion Music.  Notion have a fantastic piece of music notation software that has gone down a storm in all the Roland Champion Schools that have used it over the last few months. It is easy to install on a school network, it has a fantastic sound library and, get this, it is supported by a superb range of mobile applications that integrate seamlessly into the main software itself. Furthermore, all the old Finale or Sibelius files that you have can be imported simply into Notion.

These things are impressive. But there is a more important reason why I think that Notion’s software should be the first choice for music educators in the UK. It comes down to people. Notion have a committed team of educational staff based in the UK to help you with your use of the software. They are at the end of the line, or just an email away, should you need technical or pedagogical support. I know this is a fact. I’ve seen it working. Teachers have been delighted with their support. So, for this reason (and all the other benefits that the range of Notion products have), I think that music teachers should abandon their loyalty to Sibelius (and, to a lesser extent, Finale) and embrace a third way – the Notion way.

In preparation for this post, I asked Richard Llewellyn (the education director for Notion in the UK) to send me an update of the latest work being done by Notion to integrate their main software packages with mobile technologies. I’m pleased to attached that file here. Please have a read through and, more importantly, seriously consider purchasing Notion for your school. You will not regret the move. And you’ll have a team of dedicated educators there to support you should you need it.

Finally, my company – UCan.tv – has recently begun trading in Roland and Notion products. So, should you wish to purchase anything from Notion, Roland, Edirol, Boss or Cakewalk then please get in touch with me directly. I can provide quotations for you within 24 hours and all products will come direct from the manufacturer with full warranties.


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