Community Music East

Great to see some posts by Nick from Community Music East. I haven’t had time to read the reports that he’s posted but will get round to it soon. I’ve no doubt they will contain some excellent materials.

Community Music East is headed up by their Director Ben Higham. I remember Ben coming to give an inspiring talk to our PGCE group whilst I was doing my PGCE course at the School of Education, UEA. It was the best afternoon of the course in my opinion. I wonder if he or anyone else remembers what we did. Part of it involved us considering an inspiration quote by John Cage which went like:

Art, instead of being an object made by one person, is a process set in motion by a group of people. Art’s socialised. It isn’t someone saying something but a group of people doing things, giving everyone (including those involved) the opportunity to have experiences they would not otherwise have had. In other words, it is not just about ability or aptitude but rather the challenge of being involved in a social process of art-making. Individuals should be challenged to reach the height of their potential, but should be gently reminded that the process of art-making is essentially a corporate one; one in which their skills and abilities are put to the service of others to provide enriching experiences from which all can benefit.

This completely revolutionised my thinking about the role and function of music education. Thanks Ben! The rest of afternoon was spent playing some really cool improvisation games, some of which may have come from Search and Reflect, I can’t remember.


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