Updates and Theme Changes

With quite a considerable number of concerns, I set about the task of upgrading my WordPress installation tonight. This was one of those jobs that we meant to be done ages ago but slid to the bottom of the list. As technical things like software installations, servers and ftp tend to frighten me, I began the job of reading the WordPress upgrade document. Like a good student, I followed it step by step and it was easy! WordPress is a truly a fantastic piece of freeware and I highly recommend it to any of you that are wanting to start blogging. It is so well supported by a loyal community who make our lives so easy. Thank you. Whilst I was at it, I thought a change of theme was in order. So I hope you like this Cutline theme which is freely available here complete with free random header images from Captain Hobs. Perhaps I’ll get around to making some of my own images too. But for now, I quite like them.


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