Welcome to our new students!


A very warm welcome to the 41 new students that are starting their PGCE courses in Music with us at MMU today. I hope you have a fantastic year working from our brand new Birley campus and with our broad network of partnership schools.

I would like to think that undertaking a PGCE  with M level credit is the ‘gold star’ route into teaching. Sure, there are a plethora of other routes that  you could have chosen, but you are now part of the largest PGCE music education course in the country in a Faculty of Education with outstanding facilities. You will be supported by a dedicated team of tutors here and whilst out in school; we are all committed to your success this year, as you move into your NQT year and beyond.

The benefits of working within this large community of fellow students, university and school-based colleagues are immeasurable in my view. The daily interactions that you will partake in will support and sustain you throughout the year. You will be seriously challenged on many levels this year, but you will, along the way, makes friends that will last you a lifetime.

Thanks for choosing to come to MMU and devote yourself to studying for a PGCE. The commitment you have shown to your own professional development and to the cause of seeking to continue a quality music educational experience for our young people is noteworthy. Despite a continuing series of crack-pot educational policies in music and other areas of education, we are delighted that you have chosen to learn about the truly uplifting and facilitative power of music education in our children’s lives and how this can be nurtured and developed through skilful teaching.

Good luck to you all and if there is anything I can do to support you this year please don’t hesitate to ask. You know where my office is:



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